Ohio Debt Relief

Facing Debt Problems as an Ohio Resident ? Read here to learn 5 things you can do to help your situation.

Dayton Ohio Bankruptcy Attorney

Looking for an Ohio based Bankruptcy Lawyer? Dayton, Ohio based Bankruptcy Attorney Stephen Marlowe can help you file bankruptcy and settle your debts.

Filing Bankruptcy In Ohio

If you an Ohio resident and you have passed the means test you are then able to file bankruptcy. Learn more Ohio Bankruptcy options and the means test here.

Ohio Bankruptcy Laws

If you will be filing for a bankruptcy in Ohio you will want to know about these exemptions that can be included in your bankruptcy filing.

Ohio Bankruptcy Courts

Some basic Ohio Bankruptcy information and directions to the Ohio Bankruptcy Courts

Ohio Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Information about filing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Ohio. What exemptions you can declare and how to keep some of your personal items.

Ohio Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

What is a Chapter 11 Bankrutpcy ? What are the choices for Ohio residents and why you would choose a Chapter 11 over a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13.

Ohio Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Advice for Ohio Residents filling a chapter 13 bankruptcy. A Chapter 13 in Ohio allows Debtors to keep valuable assets, like houses, heirloom or automobiles

Ohio Debt Collection

If you are an Ohio resident. Here is some advice on how to turn the tables on a debt collector. How the fair debt collection practices act can help you in Ohio

Ohio Debt Settlement

Three things you need to know as an Ohio resident when you are resolving and settling debts.

Ohio Debt Consolidation

If you're an Ohio debtor consistently trying to refinance, or you're continually paying off credit cards at the expense of your home's equity read this article.

Stop Ohio Foreclosure

An Ohio foreclosure--if contested--traditionally took six months or more to complete. The new Depression has caused a glut of foreclosures, and some dockets have a span of a year or longer before the sale of a foreclosed property.

Should I File Bankruptcy In Ohio?

Are you considering an Ohio bankruptcy ? Three things you must know if you are an Ohio resident and you are considering bankruptcy.

Small Business Bankruptcy in Ohio

If you're a small business owner facing a likely Chapter 7 in Ohio or Chapter 13 in Ohio Bankruptcy, settle in. Here is what you need to know.

Stop Wage Garnishments in Ohio

Things you should know if you are an Ohio resident trying to stop wage garnishment and / or harassing phone calls from debt collectors

Stop Ohio Creditor Calls

Things you will want to know if you need to stop collector and creditor calls. This applies applies to both Ohio residents and non-Ohio residents.

Help With Ohio Bankruptcy

Learn about the basic bankruptcy options that are available to you as an Ohio resident. What kind of bankruptcy you should file and why ?

Fixing Bad Credit In Ohio

Be careful of companies offering to 'fix your credit'. Especially if you are an Ohio resident. Read our article on fixing bad credit for Ohio residents.

Good Credit After Bankruptcy

6 things you will need to know if you want to establish good credit after bankruptcy.

Ohio Credit Repair Help

What you need to do to keep improving your credit score and what you need to do to stop credit bureaus from making errors.

Life After Ohio Bankruptcy

Several things you can do and show know about to improve your credit after filling a bankruptcy in Ohio.

Can I file Bankruptcy using my credit card

Are you considering filing a bankruptcy in Ohio and wondering if you can use your credit card to do so ?

Military Service and Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

What happens when a service man finds that their financial situation is in turmoil ? There can be some advantages when someone in the military files Chapter 7

Military Service and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

What you need to know if you are in the military service and considering filing chapter 13 bankruptcy. There can be some advantages to being in the military

Selling Your House in a Chapter 13

Selling your home during a Chapter 13 case is not as uncommon as you might think. Here is what you need to know if you are selling your house with a Chapter 13.

Understanding No Asset Cases

The prospect of filing bankrupt can be quite daunting. What do you file? Should you go for Chapter 7 or for Chapter 13? Chapter 7 ?

Bankruptcy And Security Clearances

Your security clearance might not be affected by your filing for bankruptcy at all. Visit here to find out more.

Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcies Time limits

If you have previously filed Chapter 7 and are considering filing Chapter 13, then you will have to wait at least four years from the date of your original filing. More details here.

What Is the Means Test?

The means test is an essential part of your bankruptcy filing. Find our more about the means test here.

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