Should I File Bankruptcy In Ohio?

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  • We were raised to meet our obligations–if you don’t believe it, look around you.
  • Nothing anywhere would get done if we weren’t.
  • Light wouldn’t get to the bulbs, gas wouldn’t get to the pumps, water wouldn’t get to the faucets.
  • Agreements, trust, good-faith and met obligations are cornerstones of our economy.

Times Change

  • There was a time when we’d answer probably not, and encourage you to do everything in your power to avoid throwing up your hands and calling the game.
  • Even now, in certain circumstances, it may be best to not file bankruptcy, or perhaps wait. BUT:
  • Two classes of people in our culture have emerged, and only one of them feels the need to observe those old standards: sheeple and keeple.

Bullied By Keeple? Take This Quiz:

  • Keeple see others and objects as means to an end, that of their own comfort, wealth, status and prestige.
  • Keeple have their own set of rules, which they observe in private (most of us would call that set of rules by a simple one word label: greed).
  • They have another set the talk about in public: freedom, “the market”, sanctity of contract, etc.

One For You, Two For Me–Now Don’t Be Greedy!

The easiest way to understand what they really mean is to:

  • Substitue “corporate control of our lives, uninterrupted by pesky consumer protections, labor standards and environmental regulations” for freedom,
  • What’s mine is mine, and what’s yours is mine,” for “the market,” and, for sanctity of contract,
  • Legal bullying to take without regard to the morality and individual circumstances of a situation”.
  • Think garnishments, or creditors calling you at 4am.

Pay Me Once Shame On You; Pay Me Twice, Shame On You

  • When Bank of America needed help, what did it do? It borrowed money from China on behalf of your grandchildren that it will never pay back, then raised your credit card rates and lowered your limits.
  • AIG, with the full support of Congress, Bush and Obama, stole money from the U.S. Treasury to pay off its own creditors, primarily Goldman Sachs, for risky, failed, casino-style bets.
  • General Motors thought nothing of running for the protections of the Bankruptcy Courts when the going got tough.
  • For users of retail credit, it was a triple-whammy: often, debtors pay fees on interest on principle, while also paying income taxes to support their creditors.

Fleecing The Sheeple

  • On the other hand, sheeple still are expected to play by rules that applied before corporations purchased our Congress and state legislatures.
  • Those values that built and supported the American, post-war European and Japanese economies have been dismantled for some, and forced, through social and legal guilt, on others.
  • Working class and middle class Americans are the only folks playing by the rules these days.
  • They should hold their chins up as they seek legal advice on their financial lives!

Are You A Sheeple? Take This Quiz:

  • Are you unable to “get ahead” because of short term, high-interest debt?
  • Did you make commitments that were sound and reasonable at the time, but no longer make sense because of divorce, job loss, or the New Depression?
  • Is your house being foreclosed upon?
  • Are you failing to build your nest-egg because you have to pay a high-interest premium to the shareholders of some horrible credit-card issuer?
  • Have you considered tapping your home’s equity, or cashing out a 401(k), to pay your creditors?
  • Do you charge necessities like groceries, fuel or utilities?
  • Are you “bouncing balances” from one credit card to another?

If so, you need to talk to a debt counselor or an attorney. Do the right thing for yourself and your family. If you live in Ohio, the attorney’s phone you ring should be ours.

This article was written by Steve Marlowe who is a Tipp City Bankruptcy Attorney.