Fixing Bad Credit In Ohio

TorqueWhat Buckeyes Need To Know Now:

Placing a little trust in a credit repair service seems like a small risk to take when the reward might be the one thing that makes the American Dream real–a house, a home, a mortgage, enabled by their credit repair magic.

Lot More Talk…

  • One common pitch goes something like this: “We Can Scrub Negative Information From Your File!”
  • Another one, increasingly common involves services using inside information or inside relationships with Wall Street Villains that canĀ  get debtors a sweetheart deal.
  • Often, these rip-off artists charge hopeful, eager debtors many thousands of dollars in fees before they lift a finger–that is, if they ever lift a finger.

…Little Less Action

  • Once the money has been paid, the scammers do little to help the debtors.
  • Calls to “Account Representatives” suddenly begin going to voicemail.
  • If victims are lucky enough to catch the con-men and con-women at their desks, questions about the firms’ progress are denied, delayed or excused away.
  • The “servicers” never met a fee they think should be refunded.
  • Nothing happens, and debtors are often $5,000 the poorer.

You Probably Need To Lose Some Weight Too, Pal

  • Being in debt is like being fat, if one gets that way from lack of willpower.
  • Guts grow by small steps, enabled by a massive capacity for self-delusion.
  • Neither state fixes easily; just as good diet combined with the pain and hard work of exercise, or weight-loss surgery, may be required to slim down, FICO credit scores rise and credit problems get fixed by paying creditors what they want–on time, over time, correcting false information, and living within your means.

Repair Or “Reset”?

  • Diet pills sold on late night television don’t work.
  • Billy-Mays-style miracle FICO fixer systems don’t give you secrets for credit-repair no one else has.
  • For many people–most people–with catastrophic credit histories and pushy collectors on their tails, bankruptcy will be the sensible option.
  • You fix your credit the hard way, just like fixing anything else worth keeping when it gets broken.
  • There’s no sense in losing money to credit repair schemes.