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Credit Repair for Ohio Residents How to fix your Credit After an Ohio Bankruptcy - 3 things you should do

Escalator_RepairTo Err Is Credit Bureau

  • One quarter of Americans with a credit profile have a serious error listed on the profile.
  • “Serious” meaning reason to raise interest rates or deny a credit application.
  • Credit reporting errors tend to come on like a serious cockroach infestation; once you see the signs, its usually too late to fix the problem easily.
  • As we discuss elsewhere, most credit repair services are scams you should avoid.
  • But what can you do if your credit report contains real errors causing you real harm?

It’s Not Fair

  • The Congress and state legislatures are hideously corrupt.
  • Commentators obsess over the godlike powers of “the market,” but when legislators enact the laws, “the marketplace” is understood to mean “playing field tilted so that the consumer is always struggling uphill.”
  • This is a fact: while most any creditor can ruin your financial life on a whim, you have little recourse to protect your reputation save suing the hell out of them.

Expect The Worst, Hope For The Best

  • Begin your long journey into the underworld of credit repair assuming that the story will be read eventually by a jury of your peers.
  • You want to look super-put-upon and squeaky clean.
  • This means you’ll make sure everything is done properly, every time it has to be done, on your end.

Record It

  • Start keeping paper + scanned copies of everything you do.
  • You may also, if your local laws permit, record all telephonic conversations you have with involved parties.
  • The bad guys rely upon poor memories and lack of record keeping as an excuse to deny your assertions and delay their responses.
  • Google Voice is a great tool for this purpose; we use it here at MLO and have found it saves us plenty of time and cash in keeping our phone records organized.
  • Simply put, it makes it impossible for us to miss your call, and if we need to, we can record any conversation at any time with the push of a phone key.
  • Check it out. Meticulous records are a potential litigant’s best friend!

Hannibal Lecter Ate My Puppy

  • Be nice.
  • And remember: being nice to these people will be tough.
  • They’re not used to being challenged, and when they’re challenged, they’re used to winning.
  • If it helps, imagine when you speak to the credit reporting agencies that you’re with a person before whom you would not like to be embarrassed–a small, round, elderly, easily shocked, Southern Baptist grandmother, perhaps–is in the room with you, or that Hannibal Lecter will eat a Shar Pei puppy if you get out of line with TransUnion, Experian or Equifax.
  • For the most part, that should keep sarcasm limited and all F-bombs lodged securely in their launchers.

Here’s What You Do:

  • As we discussed here, you’re entitled to one free credit report per year.
  • You’re likely to find something wrong–but that’s not always bad. For instance, a credit card account you’re sure you closed a decade ago that remains open will usually be a positive in calculating your FICO score, or its equivalent.
  • If the incorrect information you find is actually negative, you need to contact all three credit reporting agencies in writing, notifying them of the error, telling them explicitly that you dispute its accuracy, and that you expect it to be corrected. The “in writing” bit here is key.
  • You can call all you want, but ultimately that won’t get you anywhere. Whatever you do on the phone will have to be confirmed in writing anyhow.
  • Depending on where you live, and with which agency you’re dealing, you’ll find the processes to be different.
  • This is no accident. The credit reporting agencies are in many cases hostile to the needs and concerns of consumers; they exist to warn corporations that you are not worth the trouble of doing business with.
  • Every minute spent on you, other than zapping a three digit rumor at $50 a pop to whomever will pay for it, is a loss to them.
  • Thus, they have every procedure and roadblock they can imagine–and they can imagine a lot of them–put up in your way.
  • Proper address, proper formatting, proper form, sometimes states have even allowed them to subcontract the whole reporting error correction process to third parties, with whom you’re obliged to deal.

Persistence pays!

  • It’s a mess. Find out what hoops they expect you to jump through, then stretch.
  • They own the rules, but they can’t stop you if you’re right.
  • Usually, the information will be suspended from the report pending the creditors’ confirming that you are, in fact, a deadbeat.
  • Good thing a creditor would never be dishonest or vindictive, huh? When the creditor confirms or corrects the information, the credit reporting agency has to notify you in writing within five days of its reinserting the information in your report.
  • If the reporting agency is in violation of its responsibility to investigate and/or correct, it is liable for actual damages at a minimum of $100 and maximum of $1000, plus punitive damages and reasonable attorney’s fees.

If they won’t do the right thing, you know what to do. Call your lawyer. Hopefully you have a good Dayton Ohio Bankruptcy lawyer

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