Ohio Debt Relief

5 Ways Out Of Debt For Ohio Residents

Are Creditors calling you at home and at work, driving you nuts ? Do you wish you could stop creditor calls? They’re making you feel as worthless as a Michigan fan. The good news for Ohio residents is there are options.

1.  Ignore It. Eventually…

  • You’ll die,
  • The world will end,
  • You’ll win the lottery,
  • Money will be replaced by robotic plasma units, or,
  • An asteroid will hit the credit reporting bureaus.

2.  Let Them Squeeze It Out Of You

  • You can let business and legal processes take their course.
  • But creditors will sue you.
  • If they win, and you’re employed, Ohio law permits them to garnish your wages.
  • If you’re not they’ll file “certificates of judgment” which entitle them to collect from you whenever you sell a house or car or any other titled property in Ohio.

3.  Try A Debt “Settlement” Program

  • You can trust some faceless corporation to settle your debts.
  • Remember, though, the Federal Trade Commission is perennially investigating such services for taking money for negotiations they never perform.
  • Debtors pay upfront for the help, sometimes get none at all, and get all the continuing collection headaches.

4.  Move The Mountain Yourself

  • You can try to settle the debts yourself.
  • It’s possible, and if you have the money to make the lump-sum payments, it’s a good option.
  • But it takes a lot of time and effort.
  • Many people would rather ride a seatless bicycle than spend hours on the phone with credit card company collections call-centers.

5.  Start Over

It’s your call. Before it’s over, you’ll have to choose something, even the choice is to do nothing. Bankruptcy will be the best option for many people. If you’re an Ohio resident, and you think Bankruptcy may be right for you, contact a Ohio Bankruptcy Lawyer to help.